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Favorite Hair Product Things

May these products bring to you as much success as the have brought to myself and my clients

The Comb of Combs.

Anyone who has tried a protective style knows the agony of scratching those hard to reach places. worry no more.

Also good for backcombing hair for volume.

The Relief.

I will never not mention this life saver product if you will have braids. Your scalp will go from fire ants to calm zen. You are welcomed.

The Old Faithful

Many of my clients swear by this and have had great success on their journey to thriving hair using this product. Be sure to buy the one be sold in a glass bottle.

The Basics

We tend to over zealously purchase styling products, all the while overlooking the fundamentals. A healthy scalp produces healthy hair. Improve your scalp health with this Shampoo and Conditioner.

The Life Hack

If you've ever wanted to extend the life a Blowout or a Silk Press. This is the product for you.

The Grunge Goddess

If you desire a "wetlook" or a second day hair look this is for you (use on dry hair).

If you have fine curly hair, and you want curl definition without weight this is also for you (use on wet hair). This product goes on wet looking , and softens as the day goes on.

Curl hold with out Curl crunch

Use to style :

Wash & Go's

Twist Outs

Braid Outs

If you want lasting looks with minimal frizz, increased curl definition that hold up yet are not crunchy or greasy this is the product for you.

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