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Here are my top ways to preserve your braid style.

1. Protect yo this case braids. Friction is not your friend. Hitting the gym? Tie it down. Going to bed ? tie it down. trying on fab finds ? Tie it down. winter hats? tie it down. the less friction your braids receive the better they'll look.

2. Ditch the itch. Scratching an itchy scalp leads to friction which lessens your braid's longevity. Soothe itchy scalps and prevent irritation by:

treating your braiding hair prior to your appointment with Apple Cider Vinegar. Braiding hair is coated with an agent that often irritates skin. It is said that this will lessen the irritation, and in some cases eliminate the irritation. Formula: ( ACV + Hot H20)+waiting. There are many videos on YouTube that walk you through this process.

For those with no time or desire to pre wash their braiding hair I recommend Mizani Scalp Care Hair Calming lotion . It soothes the itch and irritation that comes w/ braiding hair. Hands down a Must have .

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